Our company "Prumyslovy Servis" is concetrated on the business and service mainly for the partners in foundry industry, production and treatment of steel, surface treatment, forging and also machinery from the begining in1992 .Our intention is to offer to our customers the best possible  condition to use our materials and products and we are glad to see their good production results.

The list of materials and services stated below is not limited. We are ready to help to our customers with materials and service according to their actual needs.

Our the most important activities are the supplying of the anvils, hand tools and machines for the blacksmithing. We believe this work helps to the newlearning of this fascinating handicraft and expanding of it also beside the profesional shops.

Our customers are really from all over the world. Beside the West European countries we deliver for example in USA, Canada, Scandinavien countries, Japan, Australia or in Angola in Africa. In all these places are our customers.
We are also a member of Czech Association of Blacksmiths and Farriers.

 The main products lines that you can find on our page are:

Anvils and tools for Blacksmithing, Pneumatic hammers and other needs for Blacksmiths.

Resin coated sands for Croning moulding, Mould coatings and Relase agents for pattern treatment.

Steel abrasives - Shot and grits, Aluminiumoxide grits, Steinless Steel shot for surface blasting and also the Ćastings made of different metals.

 More detailed information about these and next materials you will find inside our web pages. Don´t hesitate to write about your production problems and needs. We will do our best to help you.

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