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Trade name: PRUMYSLOVY SERVIS - Vaclav Hanton
Place of business: Jeronymova 268,
272 01 KLADNO 2
Czech Republic
Ident.numb.: 14468484
Tax.numb.: 030-471026135
Contact person: Ing. Vaclav HANTON
Contacts: Tel/fax: 0312 687932, 0602 392816, 0602 642720

Our firm "PRUMYSLOVY SERVIS" is a trade company, placed in Czech Republic, dealing with different materials for foundries, metallurgical, machinery and forging plants, with castings and forgings. Our customers are in Czech and Slovak Republics, in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Our intention is to offer to our customers the best condition using our materials. It is also our success when they reach the best production results. The list of materials and services stated below is not limited. We are ready to help to our customers with material and service according to their actual needs.

Our main activity is co-operation with Danish company "Pv-sand A/S" (www.pvsand.dk) that is important maker and supplier of coated sands for shell moulding and cores making and of foundry coatings. Their main customers are in Scandinavia, Germany, Great Britain, Czech R., Poland and also in some countries in Middle East, etc. "PRUMYSLOVY SERVIS" represents Pv-sand in Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

The materials we are dealing with are: Coated sands for croning moulding, Steel abrasives, Chilled iron abrasives, Mould coatings, Aluminiumoxide grits, Stainless steel shot, Silicone carbide SiC for metallurgy, Graphite - semiproducts, Castings - made of different metals, Anvils - for Blacksmiths, Other products and Services.
Most of materials that we offer come from Czech and Slovak Republics and from Denmark.

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